PhD and Job Offers

Open PhD Positions

  • PhD Postion in a Secure Design of mixed-signal Integrated Circuit for Aerospace Applications. The project aims to ensure the security of Design of mixed-signal Integrated Circuits. Our tasks are as follows:
                      1)Hardware Trojans detection.
                      2) Evaluate the reliability of IC.
                      3) Analyze the security aspects of RRAM technology.
  • PhD Postion in Secure and Safe SoC Modeling and Design of SoC.The project aims to design a new automotive System on chip SoC. Our tasks are to design and b4uild a model of this platform and then analyse its security and safety aspects.
  • PhD Postion in hardware security. The project aims to design and develop a secure procsser for embedded system applications.

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HiWi Job

For our projects, we are looking for students to add to our team:

  • Secure RISC-V Processor: Design and Implementation.
  • Threshold Method for Detecting Hardware Trojans.
  • Reliability Test and Evaluation of dedicated integrated circuits.
  • Machine Learning Algorithms for Detecting Hardware Trojan.
  • Building a System Model of automotive system on chip.