Saleh Mulhem, Dr.-Ing.

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Research Assistant

Ratzeburger Allee 160
23562 Lübeck
Building 64, Room 123 (2nd Floor)

Phone:+49 451 3101 6317
Fax:+49 451 3101 6304

Ongoing PhD Students

  • Christian Ewert, Fault-Resilient Methods for Computing System Design
  • Ahmed Mahmoudi, Reliable Design of Modern System-on-Chip.
  • Andrija Neskovic,  Side-channel Analysis of Computing System.
  • Mouadh Ayache, Design for Testability and Hardware Trust.
  • Celine Thermann, M. Sc., on Trustworthy Attributes of DNN Accelerator.
  • Henrik Strunck, M. Sc., Hardware Root of Trust Design

Open Bachelor and Master Thesis Offers

If you are looking for a Master's thesis, Bachelor's thesis, or research internship, the following topics are offered for interested student; .

  1. Trustworthy AI Acceleration Design.
  2. Dependable Neural Engine. 
  3. Detecting Hardware Trojan Methods.
  4. Secure Processor Design and implementation.
  5. Cryptographic Vector Extensions for Efficient CryptographiC Engine.
  6. Designing Hardware Root of Trust. 
  7. Reliability Test and Evaluation of Integrated Circuit. 
  8. Fault Resilient Acceleration Design.
  9. Studying Ultra Lightweight Ciphers.
  10. New Class of Side-Channel Attacks Resilient S-boxes.

We still have topics regarding: Dependable Computing, Trustworthy Artificial intelligence Acceleration,  Design for Testability, Design for Trust, and Hardware security,  feel free to contact me

Supervised Master and Bachelor Theses

Felix Muuss Practical Machine Learning Approach for Hardware Trojan Detection Bachelor Thesis 2021
Student Title Type Year
Celine Thermann Trustworthy AI Hardware Accelerator Design Master Thesis 2022
Henrik Strunck Enabling Hardware Root of Trust for RISC-V Trusted Execution Environment Master Thesis 2022
Tim Muller Safe AI Hardware Accelerator for Autonomous Driving Master Thesis 2022
Andra-Karina Poetschki NTT Hardware Acceleration for Homomorphic Encryption in Medical Applications Bachelor Thesis 2022
Robin Sehm Side-channel Analysis of Cryptographic Functions Bachelor Thesis 2022



  • Bauer B.; Ayache M.; Mulhem S.; Nitzan M.; Athavale J.; Buchty R.; Berekovic M.: On the Dependability Lifecycle of Electrical/Electronic Product Development: The Dual-Cone V-Model. in Computer, vol. 55, no. 9, 99-106, 2022


  • Hamadaqa, E., Mulhem, S., Adi, W., & Berekovic, M. (2021). Contemporary Physical Clone-Resistant Identity for IoTs and Emerging Technologies. Cryptography, 5(4), 32.
  • Zarrouk R.; Mulhem S.; Adi W.; Berekovic M: Clone-Resistant Secured Booting Based on Unknown Hashing Created in Self-Reconfigurable Platform. In: Derrien S., Hannig F., Diniz P.C., Chillet D. (eds) Applied Reconfigurable Computing. Architectures, Tools, and Applications. ARC 2021. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 12700, Springer, Cham 2021.



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