Lab: Hardware Accelerator


Nowadays, the need for artificial intelligence (AI) methods in the field of autonomous driving is growing rapidly. Such AI-based approaches provide the vehicle with appropriate reactions to all driving situations. Therefore,  new requirements for AI-based approaches should be taken into consideration such as:

  • Increase the capability of sensing the vehicle's environment. 
  • Moving safely.   
  • Highly reliable system components.   

AI-based approaches are expected to make the traffic safer, more efficient and also open up new mobility prospects for people who are unable to perform the driving task themselves.

Project Goals

KI-PRO aims to develop a high-performance computing platform for sensor data processing in autonomous vehicles.

To achieve this target, novel neuromorphic electronic components will be developed in addition to classical digital ones. In particular, the so-called RRAM-based AI-Accelerator will be investigated, designed, and developed to combine data-storing and data-processing components. This accelerator will be integrated with other components in a system on chip (SoC).  Such an approach allows an efficient application of AI methods and enables fast and energy-efficient data processing. As a result,  the load on the main processor will be reduced.

Our Role:

The role of the Institute of Computer Engineering (ITI) is to first develop a system model of overall SoC. Such a model is expected to provide new reliable and fault-tolerant data processing schemes. ITI is also responsible for establishing interfaces of the system components such as the interface between the main processor and  RRAM-based Accelerators and the interface between the main processor and classical DSPs.

Our research activities in KI-PRO can be considered as a step towards the future development of application-specific, high-performance, and energy-efficient microelectronics solutions in Germany and Europe.

Our Partners:

In KI-PRO, we are woking together with the following partners:

  • DENSO Automotive Deutschland GmbH, Eching.
  • Expleo Germany GmbH, Nürnberg.
  • IHP - Leibniz-Institut für innovative Mikroelektronik, Frankfurt (Oder).
  • Technische Universität Braunschweig.
  • Universität Bayreuth

For further information please follow link: KI-PRO.