Welcome to the Institute of Computer Engineering

The Institute of Computer Engineering of the University of Lübeck (Director: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mladen Berekovic) deals with the architecture of hardware and software systems as well as their prototypical implementation and evaluation. Research focuses mainly on mobile autonomous robots, cyber-physical systems and integrated circuits in the form of SoCs (System-on-Chip).

Current projects are concerned with both basic research and applications in the areas of Medicine, Environmental Engineering and Industry.

These works are carried out by an international and interdisciplinary team of computer scientists, electrical engineers and mechanical engineers. Concerning teaching, the Institute of Computer Engineering is responsible for basic training in Computer Engineering in the courses Computer Science, Medical Informatics and Medical Engineering as well as for the application subject Robotics and Automation in the Computer Science studies. Furthermore, deepening lectures, seminars and practical courses on the current research topics are offered.