Sommersemester 2024

Seminar Bio-inspired Robotics

(María Castellanos & Alberto Valverde “The Plants Sense”)



 Please note that due to Corona
 our lecture on "Scientific Writing" will be an online lecture
 (most likely video + video conf. for Q&A).
 More infos will follow via Moodle.


This is an English seminar belonging to the module of the same name. If you require a seminar for the module CPS, then please contact me.

With 'bio-inspired robotics' we refer here to subjects related to

  • evolutionary robotics: application of evolutionary computation to generate robot controllers
  • and collective robotics: self-organizing multi-robot systems.

Particular subjects that we want to study in depth in the approaching summer term 2020 include:

  • collective perception
  • an adversarial approach to flocking
  • communicating via group motion
  • shape shifting micro-swimmers
  • a robot made of robots
  • self-assembly of molecular robots
  • shepherding

You can choose from the listed papers below.