Running Projects

A-IQ READY (2023-2026)

The A-IQ Ready project aims to introduce and materialise an intelligent autonomous ECS fit for our digital age and utilise crucial technologies, like edge continuum orchestration for artificial intelligence, distributed collaborative intelligence and quantum sensing, which could prove revolutionary for most services and industries. These technologies and their combination will propel the transition to a Europe of Society 5.0.

Emdrive (2022-2025)

Emdrive is a research project funded by BMBF. Our role is to develop a virtual prototype of the proposed automotive SoC. Such a platform will be used for safety and security evaluation in the early design steps of SoC .

DAIS (2021-2024)

DAIS – Distributed Artificial Intelligent System, is a pan-European project including 48 partners from 11 countries. DAIS's approach is to develop trustworthy AI systems for industrial applications. DAIS will provide lightweight, secure, and highly connectivity intelligent solutions that bring the IoT and AI together.

KI-IoT is a research project that investigates and develop an effeicnt AI-based IoT system. Such AI-based IoT systems are expected to enhance operating efficiency, improve risk management, increase IoT Scalability, and introduce new security servers.


The production of the Integrated Circuits (ICs) requires several parties, such as a third party for intellectual property (IP) cores and a third party for Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools. Therefore, several attack scenarios exploit the vulnerabilities of IC-supply chain stages. Jupiter focuses on devising and developing hardware-based security solutions and countermeasures to face such attacks and threats.

METERACOM is a research project DFG, which deals with the development and verification of measurement systems and methods in the field of THz communication. The project is divided in four main project areas, which in turn are divided into several sub-projects.

In NEUPA, short for "new explainability supported by world models for predictions in autonomous driving", we develop methods to increase explainability in AI systems.

As a use case, we build a driver assistance system that predicts the behavior of pedestrians, cyclists and e-scooter riders in traffic.

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KI-PRO aims to developing a high performance computing platform for sensor data processing in autonomous vehicles. To achieve this target, classical digital components together with novel neuromorphic electronic components are developed, which allow an efficient application of AI methods.

Arrowhead Tools (2019-2022)

The Arrowhead Tools project is the European investment for leadership in digitization and automation. The goal of this project is the fast and smooth to digitalization and automation solutions for the European industry.



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