Completed Theses

Bachelor Theses

Last Name First Name Supervisor Topic Year
Queßeleit Philip Sören Pionteck/Blochwitz Analysis of patricia tries and design of hardware schematics to perform dictionary generation 2015
Busse Fabian Tosik Communication interface for the simulation environment MARS 2015
Podstawa Friedrich Renner Hybrid Power Supply for Sensor Buoys Based on Solar and Wind Energy 2015
Wolff Julian Pionteck Design and Implementation of a FPGA Based Triple Store 2015
Winker Tobias Pionteck Generating a Hardware Implementation of a Hand Tracking Algorithm on a Xilinx Zynq using High Level Synthesis 2015
Andersen Bjarne Gabrecht Implementation of a telerehabilitation application for the rehabilitation robot m·ReS-R 2015
Zell Fenja Gabrecht Implementation of a Qt3D visualisation for a rehabilitation-robotserie m·ReSX 2015
Hennings Sönke Amory Energy Management System for AUVs 2016
Scharringhausen Kim Kristin Meyer Development and Integration of a sensor module for the purpose of an autonomous determination of water body quality with the use of the underwater robot MONSUN 2015
Lindenau Malte Meyer Development of a cost-efficient module for distance measurement via light sectioning method 2015
Lindenau Birte Gabrecht Statistical evaluation for the sensory data of a rehabilitation robot for progress monitoring 2016
Wagner Louisa Ehlers Evaluation of camera positions for hand pose estimation with multiple RGB-D cameras 2016
Tran Thuy Nuong Gabrecht Further development and extension of a haptic glove for the rehabilition of handfunction after stroke 2016
Bolze Philipp Renner Automatic gain control for acoustic underwater communication 2016
Petzold Julian Ehlers Combination of Two Methods for Real-time 3D Hand Pose Estimation 2016
Klink Raphael Blochwitz Live-Tracing on Field Programmable Gate Arrays 2017
Dreier Sven Gabrecht Revision of mechanics and sensors of m·ReS-X 2017
Pook Sebastian Gabrecht Development of a control unit for robotic platforms with an omidirectional drive 2017
Müller Tim Behrje Optimization of Reference Paths for Path Planning for Automated Guided Vehicles 2017
Günschmann Daniel Ehlers Fully Scalable Kinematic Model for 3D Hand Pose Estimation 2017
Laufer Manuel Blochwitz Runtime Reconfigurable Query Evaluation for Semantic Web Databases using a Network on Chip 2017
Wrieden Sven Blochwitz Comparison and Extension of Routing Strategies in 2D and 3D Networks-on-Chip 2017
Leonhardt Christina Haase Management of hospital rooms via microcontroller 2017
Bergmann Lucas Haase An interactive JavaScript based tool for the visualization and self-study of simple digital circuits 2017
Schmidt Jonathan Blochwitz Secondary power measurement in embedded systems 2017
Schnippenkötter Kristian Behrje/Maehle Management and monitoring of missions with a graphical user interface for swarms of autonomous underwater vehicles 2018
Stolze Ricardo Hamann 3D model reconstruction of natural plants using 2D low resolution image sensors 2018
Kluth Christopher Kaiser Adaptation of the minimal surprise approach for real robots 2018
Mueller Nick Isokeit/Maehle Sonar-based Simultaneous Localization and Mapping - An Implementation for the Monsun AUV 2019
Philipp León Blochwitz Runtime reconfigurable Tilestructure for Semantic Web Database Queries 2019
Mohamed Ali Haase (über GUC) Real time Android live video streaming and camera remote access control via various communication channels 2019
Ramzy Ziad Haase (über GUC) Enhancement of an HTML5 Based Interactive Digital Circuit Simulator 2019
Rothmann Philipp Ehlers RISC-V Assembler - Feasibility Study for Education 2019
Aljnabi Waiel Blochwitz Development of a RISC-V Core for teaching 2019
Waldner Andreas Haase Automated classification and categorization of memristors with regards to a quality metric with focus on lifespan and formability 2020
Kolms Thore Haase Analog Hardware Implementation of Basic Arithmetics with Memristors for In-Memory Computing in Digital Systems 2020
Charles Christian Kaiser Implementation of Blind Bulldozing with Minimize Surprose 2020

Master Theses

Last Name First Name Supervisor Topic Year
Brama Konstantin Ehlers Human-Robot Interaction Interface for Mobile Robots 2015
Zenker Patrick Meyer/Gabrecht Development of a distributed organization and control software for autonomous robot swarms 2015
Weiß Julian Ehlers/Gabrecht Implementation of a 3D Scene-based Upper Body Pose Estimation Approach for Stroke Rehabilitation 2016
Wilhelm Carsten Behrje Implementation and evaluation of path planning algorithms for automated guided vehicle systems 2016
Stelljes Joscha Himstedt Environment-specific Obstacle Detection and Classification using 3D-Cameras 2016
Große Besselmann Marvin Himstedt Visual Localization and Mapping for Logistic Environments 2016
Isokeit Cedric Meyer Swarm behavior for the autonomous underwater robot MONSUN 2016
Krause Jason Ehlers Kinematic Body Skeleton for Real-time 3D Body Pose Estimation 2016
Mey Morten Joseph/Blochwitz Design and implementation of a hardware accelerated algorithm for gesture detection 2016
Heitmann Jan Renner WiFi-Enabled and Solar-Powered Sensor Nodes for Smart Ports 2016
Golkowski Alexander Julian Gabrecht/Behrje Implementation and Evaluation of modular actuators, based on motors and springs for the handexoskeletton m·ReS-X for stroke rehabilitation 2016
Drewes Tobias Joseph Implementation and Evaluation of Adaptive Selection of Default Paths in NoCs 2017
Hansen Lasse Ehlers Development and Evaluation of Algorithms to Improve Patient Care and Safety in an Intensive Care Unit 2017
Kammerlocher Thomas Ehlers Markerless calibration of depth cameras by detection of an industrial roboterarm 2017
Jonte John Paul Ehlers Real-Time 3D Pose Estimation and Gesture Recognition for Human-Robot Interaction with the Humanoid Robot Pepper 2017
Nieß Michael Hamann Population Coding Robot Swarms for Complex Tasks 2018
Andersen Bjarne Hamann Embedded-Sensor Filaments for a Braided Exoskeleton: Sensing and Shape Recognition 2018
Eschke Catriona Hamann Multi-Robot Collective Construction by Self-Oranised Braidung 2019
Petzold Julian Hamann Extended study on the adaptivity to dynamic swarm densities and online fault mitigation in BEECLUST 2019
Winzek Florian Hamann An Organic Computing Approach to Collective Decision-Making in a Swarm of Simulated Robots 2019
Wrieden Sven Blochwitz Programming and Optimization of an I/O-Processor for Digital Communication Protocols in the Positional Encoder Domain 2019
Grothe Philipp Haase Memristors as Central Components for Implementing Classifcation of Medical Images in Hardware 2020
Dreier Sven Blochwitz FPGA-Based BLDC-Controller for the autonomous underwater vehicle MONSUN 2020
Schwarzat Julian Hamann Platooning of Autonomous Cars as a Multi-Armed Bandit Problem 2020


Last Name First Name Supervisor Topic Year
Huwendiek Olaf Maehle Function Approximation with Decomposed Neuro-Fuzzy Systems 2000
Markus Franz-Josef Maehle Distributed Dynamical and Fault-Tolerant Process Allocation for Multicomputers with an Integrated Graphical Development Environment 2001
Lustig Gunther Maehle Adaptive Rule-Based Routing in Interconnection Networks for Parallel Computers and Workstation Clusters 2002
Grewe Claus Maehle Application of Mobile Agents for the Efficient Utilization of Heterogeneous Cluster Systems 2002
Döring Andreas C Maehle Architecture of flexible Routers for Local Highspeed Networks 2002
Bieker Bernd Maehle Fault-Tolerance for Scalable Applications - Checkpointing Protocols for Parallel Message-Passing Systems 2003
Walthelm Axel Maehle Sensor-Based Localisation Algorithms for Mobile Service Robots 2004
Gönne Marco Maehle Conception and Evaluation of a Real-Time Test Platform for Wireless Periooperative Monitoring of Vital Data 2007
El Sayed Auf Adam-Pharaoun Maehle An Organic Computing Based Control for a Hexapod Walking Robot under the Aspect of Reactive Reliability and Robustness 2010
Albrecht Carsten Maehle Modelling and Simulation of Dynamically Reconfigurable Architectures for the Example of a Runtime Adaptable Network Co-Processor 2010
Jakimovski Bojan Maehle Biologically Inspired Approaches for Locomotion, Anomaly Detection and Reconfiguration for Walking Robotsn 2011
Hampel Volker Maehle Performance Evaluation and Analysis of Hybrid Computer Systems on FPGA and GPU Base 2012
Osterloh Christoph Maehle An Acoustic Modem for the Communication in Swarms of Autonomous Underwater Robots 2012
Maas Raphael Maehle Adaptive Control Strategies for Mobile Robots Based on Organic Computing Principles 2014
Mietz Richard Römer Technologies for a State-Based Search in the Internet of Things 2014
Truong Cuong Duc Römer Routing and Sensor Search in the Internet of Things 2014
Klüssendorff Helge Maehle A Graph-Based Solution for Complete Coverage Problems with One and Multiple Mobile Robots 2015
Tosik Thomas Maehle Real-Time Simulation of Swarm-Capable Autonomous Underwater Robots for Environmental Monitoring 2015
Weiß Patrick Maehle Robotic Rehabilitation After Stroke - A Modular System for Training Distal Upper Limb Functions 2015
Al-Homsy Ahmad Maehle Biologically Inspired Approaches for Hexapod Walking Robots Based on Organic Computing Principles and Proprioception Feedback 2016
Frost Jan Maehle Robust and Scalable Visual Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping in Indoor Environments using RGBD Cameras 2016
Forouher Dariush Maehle Navigation of Autonomous Cleaning Robots using Depth Cameras 2016
Himstedt Marian Maehle Robust Localization and Mapping in Changing Environments using Semantic Perception 2018
Amory Ammar Maehle SEMBIO - An Energy Efficient Micro Underwater Robot for Swarm Applications 2018
Ehlers Kristian Maehle Realtime 3D Pose Estimation of Humans in Robotics: Methods and Applications 2019
Wahby Mostafa Hamann Autonomous Shaping of Robot-Plant Bio-Hybrids 2019
Divband-Soorati Mohammad Hamann Adaptivity and Self-Repair in Robot Self-Assembly 2019
Meyer Benjamin Maehle The Swarm-Capable Underwater Robot Monsun 2019


Last Name First Name Supervisor Topic Year
Sobe Peter Maehle Distributed and Parallel Mass Storage Systems - Techniques for Performance Enhancement, Failure Tolerance and Data Consistency 2009