Research Areas

Areas of Research

MONSUN is an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle which was especially developed for the use in robot swarms.

Since 2009 we have been building our underwater robot HANSE and participating in the SAUC-E robotic competition. In the first years we won the Innovation Prize and in 2011 we were able to secure the first place!

The SMART-E robot is a new robot platform of the Institute of Computer Emgineering that has a holonomic drive and therefore distinguishes itself by a high level of mobility.

Neptun is an underwater robot from the model making industry which is available for purchase. At the Institute, it serves as a simple platform for underwater robotics and is being automated as part of a Bachelor thesis.

MARS is a real time Hardware-in-the-Loop simulation for AUVs. MARS is currently operated in all AUV projects.

SURFER (SURFing Escort Robot) is an Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV). The main goal is to function as a router for HANSE.


OSCAR is a six-legged walking robot which was developed in a project as part of the DFG priority program "Organic Computing". OSCAR is a demonstrator for the Organic Robot Control Architecture (ORCA).

mReS is a modular rehabilitation system for training of hand function after  stroke using and assesing neurorehabiliation paradigms. The modularity allows a wide range of training and progress evaluation  possibilities while reducing the complexity and cost.

The ORCA architecture will offer possibilities to combine generally developed behavior patterns with organic components. The aim is to transparently recognize and solve faults and errors.

Das Forschungsprojekt "FTF out-of-the-box" beschäftigt sich mit der Entwicklung interaktiver, fahrerloser Transportfahrzeuge (FTF) für den Einsatz in Lagerumgebungen.

BEEP is a small mobile robot, developed at ITI for education and research purposes.

SEMBIO AUV is an autonomous underwater vehicle with high maneuverability designed and developed to enable the use of marine robots in AUVs swarm applications. The design was inspired by the hydrodynamic features of a guitarfish. SEMBIO AUV has some characteristics which make it highly appropriate for a variety of AUV swarms applications.